As an 11 year veteran, embodying PERSEVERANCE is key. Life’s hardships knock us down daily and we are always looking for ways to get back up and push through. My childhood dream was to be a teacher. I never saw myself becoming a personal trainer because I knew nothing about fitness and didn’t have an upbringing that focused on such. What I came to realize in my late 20’s is that if you have a goal — RUN with it. If you have a dream — make it your REALITY.

When I started my fitness journey I didn’t know that I would have such an impact on my family members or my friends. I just wanted to HELP them reach their fullest potential and be happy internally.

I have a vision. I made it my mission to bring that vision to fruition by teaching others how to live a life of wellness regarding fitness. I am just getting started! If you’re a vet like myself, a beginner or you just took a hiatus along the way then fear no more! DOD is a state of mind to help you take back what is rightfully yours!

May your thoughts MANIFEST into your goals.